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Music Information

Facts about MC Big Proof

Facts about MC Big Proof"If I was you, suicide would be a way of life. If you was me , you'd kill you.

The Three 8 Mile Battles

Three battles at the end of the 8 Mile movie made Jimmy Smith aka B. Rabbit a reputation in the rap arena.

Dont Censor the Music and Artistic Expression

Ann Powers said: "Don't censor the music and artistic expression. Eminem's music, in particular the songs "Kim" and "Stan," is a continuation of a tradition in music and American art in general: the Gothic murder ballad, which has been with us ever since the blues or Appalachian folk music.

Downloading MP3s Made Easy

The MP3 movement started out with a huge audience of music enthusiasts on the internet. The MP3 digital music format has had, and will continue to have, a huge impart on how people, gather, listen to and share music.

Facts about Betty Kresin, Eminems grandmother

Betty Kresin, Eminem's grandmother from the maternal side , got married at the age of 14. She got six children from 3 different marriages.

Origins of the Mathers Family

Eminem's roots can be found in Scandinavia through his mother Debbie Nelson and in South Wales through his father Marshall Bruce Mathers II.But Eminem has mostly Scottish blood running through his veins.

Motorhead Inferno

Motorhead-"Inferno"-Review by Les Lewellyn When David Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters fame release the sensational CD "Probot" this year it rekindled my metal tastebuds. For those of you not familiar with his project I'll explain.

Music Licensing

Music licensing can be a very confusing subject. My intent with this article is to give you enough details on what music licensing is and what are your rights to use music in advertising and / or video productions.

Eminem: A Social Commentator

In an interview given to Musik Magazine in 2000, Eminem comments some of his lyrics: 'Please Lord, this boy needs Jesus/Help this child, help him destroy these demons/Please send me a brand new car and a prostitute while my wife is sick in the hospital'. What I'm trying to say is we've got all these preachers going 'Jesus, Jesus! And then they're molesting kids.

Music Mini Course: Learn The Basics Of Reading Music On A Keyboard Instrument

Welcome to the wonderful world of music. As you begin reading this Music Mini Course it is fun to realize that you are also participating in a very important cultural aspect from around the world which has been going on for centuries.

Shut Up And Sing

What is it with these performers and their politics? Do they really think that people who pay $100 or more to hear them sing want to hear them utter political opinions? The audience pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to see and hear a performer PERFORM. You want to spout politics, run for freakin office, you moron! When performers use a paid venue to play politics they are abusing the paying audience, the venue, the sponsors and everyone connected to their artistic performance.

Top 50 Music Quotations

Discover the phenomenonal complexity of music and reflect on the way it can positively influence your life with this sound collection of riveting quotes..

The First Step and Most Important Thing in Learning Guitar

Most of the guitar lovers playing guitar for few years but still unsatisfied with their progress. They feel like still stand at the starting point and can't enjoy their playing.

The Secrets of Correctly Stringing Your Guitar

Why do you care about stringing your guitar you may ask. Well the reason is simple.

Jazzing Up Your Leadership Style

I met New York jazzman Tim Armacost in college almost 25 years ago, at a time when we were both grappling not only with what careers we ought to pursue, but with what kind of adults we wanted to become. Tim comes from an illustrious family, boasting more than its fair share of bank presidents, ambassadors and college presidents.

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The New Yorker

Two New Choral-Music Recordings
The New Yorker
Many choral ensembles are firmly centered on performing the music of the past: either the early-music repertory prized by such groups as New York's Tenet or Boston's Blue Heron, or else the big masterworks that come from what might be called the choral ...

WJXT Jacksonville

Community heartbroken after beloved music teacher killed
WJXT Jacksonville
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - The community is grieving the loss of a beloved elementary school music teacher who homicide detectives believe was killed. Deborah Liles, 62, was found dead of multiple injuries Thursday in the carport of her Panama Park home on ...
Jacksonville music teacher was an inspiration; family mourns death as police search for killerFlorida Times-Union

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The World's music features this week: Emily Scott Robinson, Ondatrópica and music from outer space
Emily Scott Robinson was one of the artists World host Marco Werman met at this year's South by Southwest music festival in Austin. She talked to Marco about her new song, "Traveling Mercies." Since President Donald Trump has called for a travel ban ...

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Washington Post

The democracy of American music
Washington Post
The brand-new festival celebrating American music at the Kennedy Center is hardly a new idea. Look through orchestra schedules this season, and you'll find all manner of American festivals, including some of the vernaculars — jazz, folk, even hip-hop ...

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Music News: Chuck Berry, SoundCloud, Kendrick Lamar
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with NPR Music editors Jacob Ganz and Andrew Flanagan about the latest in music news — a new album by the late Chuck Berry, the streaming service SoundCloud survives bankruptcy, the curious case of a hoaxster and the ...

Local 10

3-day Ultra Music Festival takes over downtown Miami
Local 10
MIAMI - Electronic dance music fans worldwide continued to descend to Miami on Saturday for the Ultra Music Festival. A spider-shaped stage designed to suspend the DJ booth up in the air was one of eight elaborate stage designs that welcomed some ...
Miami Music Week 2017: The Best Things to Do FridayMiami New Times
Watch the 2017 Ultra Music Festival Live Stream Right HereEDM Chicago (blog)
2017 Ultra Music Fest kicks off in Downtown Miami7News - WSVN-TV
NBC 6 South Florida -CBS Miami
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New Music Friday: 15 releases to hear now (blog)
Every Friday, artists drop anticipated albums, surprise singles, and hyped collaborations. As part of New Music Friday, EW's music team chooses some of the essential new tunes. With fresh offerings from Zayn, Kendrick Lamar, and Iggy Azalea, here are ...
Kendrick Lamar Had Better Release New Music on April 7SPIN

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'Beauty And The Beast,' Music, And More From South By Southwest ...
This week, we visit the new Disney live-action adaptation of Beauty And The Beast, and we all report back from Austin about the happenings at South By ...

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Nashville's R&B Scene Thrives Just Off Music Row : The Record : NPR
Late on a Wednesday afternoon at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley Bar and Grill, Emoni Wilkins, Jason Eskridge and Mike Hicks are trying to tack a bit of last-minute ...

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The Tennessean

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum celebrates 50 years
The Tennessean
Kyle Young's first day of work was Apr. 30, 1976. The 22-year-old had answered a newspaper ad seeking ticket takers for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum on Music Row. The pay was $2.15 an hour, and he'd get to be surrounded by music all day ...

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